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About Me

Educational History:

Graguated from Texas High School, Texarkana, Tx in 1993

B.S. from Texas A&M @ Texarkana in 2001


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Education   Major- History   Minor- Business

Professional Development:

Over the past 14 years I have attended many hours, yearly, of professional development and Social Studies curriculum at region service centers and conferences. 

Current Position:

8th Grade and High School U.S. History Teacher

This is my 6th year at James Bowie High School and my 15 year teaching total.

Previous Position:

I worked 8 years in the business world while earning my degree. I worked in retail, the car business, insurance, finance and investments, the oil industry, and was even a professional deep sea fisherman for a few months.

I did my student teaching and taught my first year at Texas High School and Lincoln Street in TISD, followed by teaching/coaching at the following...

Two years at Libery Eylau ISD.

One year at Floresville ISD.

5 years at Georgetown ISD.

5 Years and counting at Simms ISD.



Family Information:

I have been married for14(feels like40) years to my wife Keri Waide who is currently a coach in Longview ISD.

We have 3 children, Tuwder, Taz, and Khazi, which our are two Welsh Corgis and our Bengal.



Personal Information:

Besides History, I am a sports fanatic. I love all of the major sports, especially football and baseball. I love to fish, play golf, and competitive billiards. I also was an avid bowler when I was younger and I enjoy collecting sports and military collectibles and memorabilia.


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