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Week of January 15th -19th 


The middle of year TPRI Reading Assessment will be given this week.

NO SPELLING OR SIGHT WORDS THIS WEEK! These will be the words for next week.

Please check your child’s folder each Monday night as some students have different spelling and sight words.


Spelling Words

1. just      6. five

2. jet        7. cave

3. bass    8. vast

4. doll      9. rustic

5. sniff     10. plastic

Spelling Rules

**#3, 4, 5 – Floss Rule – when f, l, or s follows a short vowel, double the f, l, or s (ll, ff, ss).

**#6, 7 – final ve – an English word can never end with the letter v. If the /v/ sound is the last heard sound, you must use “ve”.

**#9, 10 – final c – use a c at the end of  a word that has two or more syllables and ends with the /k/ sound.


Sight Words

 live        me

 back     give

 most    very

 after     thing

 our       just


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