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Welcome to my online classroom.

The week of February 19-23

Monday—Student Holiday/Teacher Workday

Reading classes will work on various skills such as phonics, decoding, comprehension, fluency, and high-frequency words. Reading and language classes will do daily STAAR review. Spelling words are /k/ spelled c, k, or ck: cook, sick, cave, kiss, rock, cake, kick, lock, look, luck

Fifth grade reading class will read and study the poem “Cactus Wren” by Byrd Baylor as well as conclude the book, Sing Down the Moon.  Fifth grade vocabulary words are: conflict, convey, dialogue, suspense, conclude, and infer. 

Math classes are reviewing for STAAR daily as well as introducing/focusing on single skills. If you would like extra materials to work with your child at home, please email me or call the school and leave a message.


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