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Book Project Due February 26

Book Projects for Sing Down the Moon:

Choose one project from the options below. This will count as one daily grade for reading. Your project is due Monday, February 26. You will present your project to the class. Have fun! Be creative!

  1. Diorama: Create a diorama of a scene from this book . Create a 3-D scene from the book inside a shoe box. . Write a paragraph describing what the scene shows .

2. Create a “ book -in-a-bag”.Decorate a bag with a scene from the book. Put 5 items in the bag that represent something from the book. Write a sentence telling the significance of each item and why you chose to include it in the bag.

3. Book Mobile: Create a mobile using these story elements: setting, main character, plot, themeEach element needs to have a picture and description of the element from the book.

4. Pretend the book is going to be made into a movie. Create a poster to promote the movie.         

5. Book Timeline: Use words and pictures to create a timeline of important events in the book.

6. Research:  Choose one option below to research.

  • Bosque Redondo

  • Fort Sumner

  • Navajo Tribe

  • The Navajo Long Wal

Write a paragraph reporting on the information you learned from the research. This paragraph must contain at least 5 sentences.

7. Choose Tall Boy or Bright Morning to write a short biography about. The biography should be written in 1st person point of view. It should be based on information from the novel. It shoud be no longer than one page. You will need to dress like the character and present the biography to the class.


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