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Brandi Allen

Happy New Year!!! 

I’m so excited about what this semester is going to bring! We have hit the ground running today and the students have grown so much while enjoying our two week break. I am looking forward to seeing how much academic growth they’re going to show over the next few months. As always, please check here often, along with checking your child’s folder each day and staying connected through Class Dojo. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call, email, or send me a message. 

Yours truly,

Mrs. Allen


What’s happening this week?

January 7-11, 2019


  • Facts & Applications: 
    • Sums 16-20
      • Students will review sums and differences within sets of 15, as well as, learn to add numbers that produce sums of 16-20.
  • Place Value with Comparing Applications: Numbers 81-99
    • Students will use place value to compare numbers using comparative language such as greater than, less than, equal to, more and less.  
  • Enrichment:
    • Recite numbers 1-120 forward & backward 
      • This is a skill that we will be working on all year. Our goal for the end of first grade is for students to be able to count forward and backward from 0-120. 
      • Please focus on having students count from 1-80 forwards and backwards. We will be building on their counting skills all year. 
    • Basic Addition Facts

Things to work on at Home:

  • Counting forward and backwards up to 80.
  • Skip counting by 2s, 5s, & 10s.
  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Recognizing a set of number as so many tens and ones (i.e. 53 is made up of 5 groups of 10 and 3 ones)
  • Identifiying and counting coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters)
  • Telling time to the Hour on both digital and analog clocks.


  •  We will be getting our hands dirty this week as we explore and learn about plants.



1/7/2019 – First Day of the 4th Six Weeks

1/21/2019 – Student/Teacher Holiday (NO SCHOOL)













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