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2:43- 3:30

About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from a tiny school in Arkansas called Winthrop High School. It was in 19….. something. I graduated with a BAAS with emphasis on English Literature from Texas A&M Texarkana. 

I am currently working on a double masters in education and English. 

Degrees and Certifications:

I am a certified mental health paraprofessional. I have had extensive training in the mental health field due to my experience working for the state. 

I have a bachelors degree.

I am highly certified in English.

I am certified to teach EC-6 general education. 

Professional Development:

I attended the Behavioral Health Institute for 6 years consecutively. I received a weeks worth or intensive trainings in different areas ranging form ADD/ADHD trainings to severe behavioral issues and suicidal tendencies. 

I have attended numerous hours of professional development in writing workshops, poetry workshops, reading comprehension workshops, and many others. 

I attended the SEM Confratute in Connecticut. 

Current Position:

This is my fourth year at JBHS!

I taught at Queen City High School prior to James Bowie. 

I worked for the state prior to teaching helping children and young adults with sever behavioral problems or dual diagnosis. I worked to build a team to aid the client to be successful in school, at home, and in society in general. 


I currently teach English II,  English IV, and Dual Credit English Comp. 

Family Information:

I am married to Don Kegley, and we have been married for 16 years. We have two children, and they both attend Simms ISD. We live on a farm and have chicken houses. We raise beef cattle, roping cattle, and chickens. We are a busy family!

Personal Information:

I love to read and write. I also liked to be outside fishing or riding horses. I tend to try to take any extra time and spend it with my family. 


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School Phone:
Conference Time:
2:43- 3:30