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Welcome to Mrs. Kegley’s Classroom.  


If you click on the link above (Mrs. Kegley’s Classroom), you will be taken to the google classroom homepage.  


Class schedules

If you click on the class time and period, you will be directed to the google classroom associated with that class. You will find your assignments, weekly lesson plans, documents, power points or anything else you need to be successful in my class. 

1st  English IV  7:55-8:45

2nd Period English II:  8:49 – 9:39

3rd Period English II: 9:43-10:33

4th Period Dual Credit English: 10:37-11:27

5th Period English IV: 12:01-12:51

6th Period English II: 12:55-1:45

7th Period Dual Credit: 1:49-2:39

8th Period- Conference: 2:43-3:30

English Class Rules

English II Expectations

English II Year at a Glance

English IV Expectations 

English IV Year at a Glance



Upcoming Events

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